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  • Stanford University  – California, USA (Sep 2012 – Present)
    Master of Science in Computer Science. Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2013. GPA: 4.15/4.3
  • Tsinghua University  Beijing, China (Sep 2007 – Jun 2012)
    Bachelor of Engineering, Major in Computer Science (Yao Class), Major GPA: 90.49/100


  • S.Shen, B.Hu, W.Chen, Q.Yang. Personalized Click Model through Collaborative Filtering. WSDM 2012.
  • B.Hu, Y.Zhang, W.Chen, G.Wang, Q.Yang. Characterizing Search Intent Diversity into Click Models. WWW 2011.
  • D.Wang, G. Wang, P.Lu, Y.Wang, Z.Chen, B.Hu. Is Pay-Per-Click Efficient? An Empirical Analysis of Click Values. WWW 2011. (Poster)
  • Y.Zhang, D.Wang, G.Wang, W.Chen, Z.Zhang, B.Hu, L.Zhang. Learning Click Models via Probit Bayesian Inference. CIKM 2010.
  • D.Wang, W.Chen, G.Wang, Y.Zhang, Q.Chen, B.Hu. Explore Click Models for Search Ranking. CIKM 2010. (Poster)


  • Twitter Inc. – San Francisco, USA (Jul 2013 – Sep 2013)
    Research and Development Intern, Content Discovery
    Supervised by Jiong Wang
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Hong Kong (Jun 2011 – Oct 2011)
    Research Intern, Department of Computer Science
    Supervised by Qiang Yang

  • Microsoft Research Asia – Beijing, China (Mar 2010 – Jun 2011)
    Research Intern, Machine Learning Group
    Mentored by Gang WangWeizhu Chen

  • Google Inc. – Beijing, China (Jul 2009 – Jan 2010)
    Software Engineering Intern, User Experience Group
    Mentored by Steven Ge, Teresa Chai


  • Tsinghua University Student Photography Association